Your garment systems need a perfectly fitting partner. Us.

Try on our tailor-made solutions to satisfy your garment-system needs.

Got a project? We can add value to it. We bring to the table more than two decades of experience developing and manufacturing garment systems for organizations large and small. Just tell us about your requirements and leave the rest to us. Call any time, send us an email, or stop by our offices for a friendly cup of coffee. Let’s talk garments systems.

Sew up a deal with us if you want your garment system to not just look great but also work great.

The people wearing your garment system will expect it to be well-designed, both aesthetically and functionally. That’s why you should turn to us for help.

Before we start designing your garment system, we make a point of thoroughly understanding how it will be used, in what kinds of environments, and under what weather conditions. We strive to gain as much insight as possible into all the factors that will affect your garment system’s appearance and performance so that we can design it to keep your end-users happy throughout its entire lifetime. That happiness will come from eye-pleasing appearance plus durability, unlimited free movement, versatility, and reliable weather protection.
And because we are partners with the industry's leading textile and component manufacturers, you can be fully assured that the designs we develop for your garment system draw upon the latest technologies and best-practices.

Sew up a deal with us if you want your garment system to not just look great but also work great.

Our mission

With quality and good attitude, we want to become one of the main players in the world of tactical clothing.

With top-class materials and innovative technologies, we design and manufacture high-end tactical clothing for law enforcement and military personnel. Allowing them to accomplish their missions under the harshest physical and environmental conditions.

We take our obligation to our environment and the global community seriously. Our raw materials and processes are constantly monitored and optimized to leave the smallest possible ecological footprint.

Our mission

Quality Policy and Environmental Management

Our quality goal is a satisfied customer.

For effective quality management, the company is committed to complying with the international quality standard ISO 9001 and the standard for environmental management ISO 14001.

The quality of our products is the result of the knowledge and positive attitude of employees to work and the commitment of the company's management to comply with environmental requirements, as we take care to prevent pollution and permanently reduce our impact on the environment.

The quality system is designed so that improvements and optimization of all processes in the company are our everyday life. We perform monthly internal audits of processes, which lead to preventive and corrective measures, which are the key to the final quality of products and processes.

We control the quality of production processes in several phases, with self-control of each individual, interphase control and 100% final control, which allows us to manage complaints.


  • Superior Value of our Products and Services
  • Respect and Care for the Individual
  • Fair and Honest Partnership
  • Excellency in all our Activities
  • Environmental responsibility and sustainable development

Our technology partners

Designed and made in Europe

Garment systems designed and made in Europe have no equal when it comes to quality. For this reason, all of the work we do for you is performed exclusively in Europe. Our manufacturing is carried out by proven, trusted partners in nearby Bosnia using top-grade raw materials and components sourced from dependable suppliers across the continent. Thanks to our proximity to those manufacturing partners, we can tightly monitor and influence production—meaning you can be assured of excellent overall quality control, faster output, and a shorter transportation chain (resulting in less impact on the environment).

Designed and made in Europe

Our references

We work with customers ranging from large government entities (such as Slovenia’s military and police) to small government units and even non-government organizations. We also work with brands, taking over for them the purchasing and manufacturing pieces of their business. As well, we design and manufacture our own UF PRO® brand.

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